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  • It’s the PRE that gets you CUT, and it’s all packed inside 9 explosive little grams of fat-melting, power-pumping awesomeness called Pre-CUTS™.
  • ✝Massive Pumps: Pre-CUTS™ packs a full 6-gram dose of citrulline malate for massive pumps and supercharged muscle endurance.
  • ✝ Insane Energy & Focus: A surreal neurosensory blend delivers loads of extreme energy, mental grit, and focused drive, unlike anything you’ve experienced before!
  • ✝ Support Fat Loss: Unleash extreme thermogenesis to support the rapid release of stored, stubborn fat.
  • ✝ Crush Food Cravings: Pre-CUTS™ is scientifically formulated to help eliminate food cravings so you stay focused and hungry for RESULTS, not food.